American Gods by Neil Gaiman


I have mixed feelings about this book. On one hand, I really liked the plot and the characters, but on the other, the book was just too dense. I think I’ll settle for a three star rating, but I may change it.

The main storyline was amazing and engrossing. We follow Shadow, an ex-convict as he is freed from prison and becomes employed by this guy who calls himself Mr. Wednesday. Gods exist, brought to America by all the beliefs and hopes of the people who came here, and they are fading. New gods are coming into being, gods of technology and progress, and Wednesday is set on stopping them. With Shadow in tow, the pair travel around the country recruiting and persuading gods to stand and fight. But not everything is as it seems. For even gods can die, if people forget, and it’s everyone out for themselves with Shadow caught in their midst.Read More »